For Advertisers on Facebook, Friday’s Security Breach ‘Barely Registers’


EU Responds to Facebook’s 50 Million User Account Data Breach (WSJ)

European privacy regulators could fine Facebook up to $1.6 billion over the social network’s latest data breach, which exposed at least 50 million user accounts. The hacking attack, revealed last Friday, did not steal user passwords but their access tokens, digital keys that let people remain logged in to the service and, sometimes, log into other services, as well. Facebook says it has fixed the flaw and reset the tokens.

For Advertisers on Facebook, Friday’s Security Breach ‘Barely Registers’ (AdWeek)

Advertisers and marketers are largely unconcerned with the social media giant’s latest security breach. Facebook has provided few updates so far on the extent of the attack, but said in a blog post Tuesday that third-party apps that allow users to log in using Facebook credentials were not affected as far as they could tell. For marketers, the lack of information about the extent of the breach and what it will mean has led to some confusion. Overall, though, they are continuing business as usual—at least for now.


Facebook’s Adding a Range of New Tools to Marketplace to Mark the Option’s Second Anniversary (Social Media Today)

Facebook’s effort to tap into the popularity of buy, swap and sell groups, Facebook Marketplace, is two years old this week, and to mark the occasion, The Social Network has outlined some interesting new, AI-fueled tools to enhance the Marketplace experience, and boost Facebook’s evolving eCommerce efforts. Of note, Facebook is providing sellers with more context as to what they should add to their listings to maximize results, based on image recognition and comparative insight from similar listed items.

Facebook Introduces New Video Ad Options (Advertismint)

Facebook just introduced two new options for video ad buyers that simplifies buying and delivering video ad campaigns. With In-Stream Reserve, advertisers get more placement options for their in-stream ads. With ThruPlay, advertisers can optimize and only pay for video ads watched in full. ThruPlay video placements are available in Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network as in-stream, stories, and feed formats. Facebook says ThruPlay will roll out now to Ads Manager and will be globally accessible in the coming weeks.


Speaking of In-Stream Reserve … Ad Buyers Question the Quality of Facebook’s Premium Video Ads (Digiday)

Facebook reportedly started pitching its new “In-Stream Reserve” program of premium video inventory at a price of $750,000 for a three-month commitment, but has since dropped the price tag to around $250,000.

Your Customer Satisfaction Scores Can Make or Break Your Facebook Ad Campaigns (Advertisemint)

Businesses running ads on Facebook can now see customer satisfaction scores. A new dashboard that shows a satisfaction score provided by customers who bought products through a Facebook ad. If a business’s score reflects a lot of dissatisfaction, Facebook will penalize the business.

How to Use Facebook Groups for Your Brand or Business (Social Media Today)

Research from Facebook shows that groups are seeing a lot more engagement than Pages. This is because Facebook groups enable members to start conversations more seamlessly than a Facebook Page does, while it’s also part of the broader shift away from public sharing to discussions in more enclosed, private space.